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KEM Water & Chemical Tanks


With our own moulds for both 95 and 220 litre tanks, most situations are catered for, either tank can be used for water or chemicals and are rotational moulded in NZ.

Powder coated tank frames with sturdy mounting feet to enable them to be bolted down to a trailer or truck deck means these can be set up to any requirement and with a huge range of fittings / couplings / water filters available to fit any waterblaster.

Custom frames can be made to suit individual needs and galvanising is available on request.

Machines can be fitted with a 2 way ball valve which allows for easy switching between water or chemicals meaning there is no down time by having to switch the machine off to change over to running chemicals, all tanks feature a removable screw type lid with breather valve.

Float valves can also be fitted which will always keep the tank topped up when connected to a water supply, our float valves are either open or closed which means you have full volume available right up to the full level unlike more common toilet style floats which slow down the water supply as the level rises.

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